The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (CGP) established the Legacy Circle in 2020 to recognize those individuals who have elected to leave a legacy gift to provide for the long-term sustainability of the organization. These commitments will ensure educational opportunities through endowed scholarship funds and programs, as well as general endowment support for CGP. For 35 years, CGP has been the recognized leader in setting guidelines, standards, and ethics for the field of charitable gift planning. With the establishment of the Legacy Circle, CGP will continue to shape the profession and philanthropy for generations to come.

Join CGP’s Legacy Circle and support the future of CGP. There is no minimum amount to participate. All contributors of legacy gifts will be recognized for their leadership and commitment to the long-term sustainability of CGP

For additional information about the CGP Legacy Circle, contact Michael Kenyon at or download the fillable pdf form.




*Christine and Jon Abrams
*Cynthia Atmar
Elizabeth Ayers
*Gregory W. Baker
Michael L. Bell
*Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder
*L. Patience Boudreaux
*Alexandra Pia Brovey
*Ron Brown
*Joe Bull
*Elizabeth Chambers
*Lisa Chmiola
*Matthew Clark
*Steven T. Clark
Margaret Cline
*Bryan Clontz
David Clough
*Meryl Cosentino
*Margaret May Damen
*Pamela Davidson
*Laura Hansen Dean

*David Disend
*Nicole M. Engdahl
*Jacqueline W. Franey
*Lynn Gaumer
*James Gold
*Sheila A. Hard
*Donald Hastings
*Johni Hays
*Andrew and Elizabeth Hibel
*Anne and Emil Kallina
*Christopher Kelly
*Michael Kenyon
*Kathy Kielar
Robert and Elizabeth King
*Bob Lange
Carlo Laurore
*Nicola Jane Lawrence
*Rick McKelvey
Stacey L. McKinley
*Philip E. Melberg
Claire Meyerhoff
*Pamela Miller and Michael Cummings

*Frank Minton
*Melanie Norton
*Marilyn Parker
*Philip Purcell
*Cynthia Randazzo
*Ed Sandifer
*Patrick Schmitt
G. Roger Schoenhals
*Robert Shafis
*Greg and Ginny Sharkey
*Cathy R. Sheffield
Gordon P. Smith
*Kelli Smith
*Nathan Stelter
*William Strickland
*Johnne D. Syverson
*Sheryl and Eddie Thompson
*Kimberley Valentine
*Ray Watts
*Kent C. Weimer
*Grant Whitney
*Marion Yongue


*Legacy Circle Charter Member. Charter Members contributed a legacy gift by December 2021

The National Association of Charitable Gift Planning gratefully accepts donations from members and supporters. Your generous donations help us sustain high-quality educational programming and member programs.

Giving Levels 

Friends ($1-$99)
Patrons ($100-$249)
Sponsors ($250-$499)
Beardsley Ruml Society ($500-$999)
Charles Johnson Fellows ($1000+)
CGP is a registered 501(c)3 exempt organization.

With Gratitude 


Rozlyn Anderson Flood
Michael Bell
Aquanetta Betts
Lillian Patience Boudreaux
David Disend
Nicole Engdahl
Michael Kenyon
Stacey McKinley
Trina Olidge
Phyllis Silverstein

Nathan Stelter
Mark Vergenes
Daniel Vigne
Ericka Webb




Lisa Chmiola
Grant Whitney


Gregory Baker
Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council






Chris McGurn