Preparing for and Optimizing Donor Visits

Preparing for donor visits is the equivalent of homework for all development professionals, and it is assumed that we do it (though undoubtedly at one time or another all of us have had to wing it before a donor meeting). Recently, at Haverford College, we have come to appreciate two distinct methodologies for preparing for donor meetings that have helped to inform our work, led to more effective collaboration with colleagues in Institutional Advancement and across departments and disciplines and with volunteers, and helped to close numerous planned and leadership-level blended gifts such that the College well exceeded its $225M campaign goal. This session will begin with a seemingly simple question of the audience—how do you prepare for donor visits? Is preparation for donor visits different for folks in gift planning? After gaining audience feedback, we will focus on how folks traditionally prepare and offer suggestions on how we might improve upon this preparation. So, think of this session as an "answer key" of sorts--you will gain access to the answers, but for the best effect, you really need to work through the steps in your respective shops for maximum effect.

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